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Buddha statues signify one's self belief and inner peace. They symbolize enlightenment and compassion. On the basis of various Buddhist Mythologies, Buddha statues are taken as a symbol for many subjects. The meanings they hold have their own importance towards the Buddhist principles like the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble truths. They represent other concepts of wisdom, balance, peace, knowledge, compassion and generosity depending on the type of the statue. These statues help us maintain harmony and calmness within ourselves. They remind us to be peaceful and participate in being thoughtful humans in our daily lives. The thoughts don't have to be religious at all but those thoughts will be a lot helpful in expanding our potentials which will ultimately be helpful to remain in peace.

Buddha Statues have been known for being a great source of inspiration for meditation enthusiasts. Meditating upon a Buddha statue implies becoming aware of our Buddha nature within ourselves, which is nothing other than an entire understanding of one's own initial, unalterable self.

We have many original and antique Buddha statues for sale. These rare statues that we have for sale in our gallery are mainly original and antique Buddha statues. We purchase these antique statues in our gallery all by ourselves from the Southeast Asian countries.

Antique Statues of Buddha

The statues we have in our gallery are all rare and antique Buddha statues as well as Thai Buddha statues for sale. In order to collect and search for these rare Buddha statues as well as different forms of Buddhist Art, We travel across many countries in the Southeast Asian region every few months. We then export them to our gallery in the Netherlands and keep them on sale through our website. Beside Thai Buddha statues, we also have a large collection of Buddha statues and Buddhist Art for sale. These antique artifacts are collected after a thorough research and building up special relationships with the previous owners of them, which has been possible with our frequent visits towards the Southeast Asian countries. This has made it possible for us to put up these rare and antique Buddha statues for sale, which were purchases in an authentic and legal way, and we do not deal with stolen artifacts as it undermines the authenticity of the Buddha Statues.

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If you are wondering where to buy a Buddha statue for you or your loved ones, please visit the online Buddha shop on our website. We purchase these antique statues directly from various monasteries and Buddhist enthusiasts in Southeast Asian region and because of that, we can offer them at a very reasonable price to you. The statues that we have in our gallery are in various shapes and sizes depending upon the region of origin. You can also get a statue with materials like wood, metal, marble or lacquer depending on your choice.

We have varieties of Statues of Buddha for sale, especially the rare, antique and original ones. Our shop is located in the Netherlands, from where we sell our Buddha statues to numerous galleries and collectors all over the world.

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Alongside the Buddha statues and Buddhist art, we also provide background information about different kind of Buddha statues and the meaning of hand positions of the Buddha, also called Mudras.

Beside Buddha statues, we also have other items for sale:

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   During the disastrous earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April, 2015, we were on our trip there. We watched the great architecture of Basantapur, Kathmandu falling down into rubble. We arrived in Kathmandu on 21st of April and from 21st to 24th April, we bought some beautiful bronze Buddha statues. Buddhas crafted in Nepal are beautiful and of high quality. Here are few pictures. You can let us know if there is something that interests you.. #Nepal #Buddha #Statues #Earthquake #EarthquakeInNepal #BuddhaStatues #Antiques #AntiqueBuddhas #Kathmandu #AntiqueBuddhaStatues
   http://www.burmese-art.com/antique-japanese-amida-buddha-from-japan-m10 Antique Japanese Amida Buddha Statues for Sale. Amida, a Japanese form of two Sanskrit names; Amitabha (limitless light) and Amitayus (limitless life) is one of the most important concept in Shin Buddhism. But it is often seen that people have a shallow understanding regarding this and in the worst scenario, people often misunderstand the meaning of it. And in case if people have a wrong understanding of Amida, it means they have never understood Shin Buddhism. This antique wooden crafted Amida statue is originated from Japan and is from 19th century, EDO period. 59.5 cm high with inlayed eyes, this statue is in Vitarka Mudra gilted with 24 krt gold leaf. #Amida #Buddha #Statue #Japan #Japanese #Buddhism #Buddhist #JapaneseBuddha #Wood #Wooden #AntiqueBuddhaStatues