The Buddha Gallery

the Buddha Gallery

Buddhist arts like Buddha statues and Buddha images have long been the subjects of fascination for recent years given that Buddhism is taken with keen interest by the western people recently. That is why there have been the formation of many Buddha galleries throughout the world which deals with many Buddhist artifacts. It is understandable that the deep admiration of these Buddhist artifacts have to do a lot with the religious and spiritual importance the Buddha statues carry. They are taken as the physical representation of the Buddha. In the same way, many Buddhist take the Buddha statues as the symbolic representation of many Buddhist principles like The Noble Eightfold Paths and the Four Noble truths of the Buddhist teachings. Similarly, the carving and development of Buddha statues are done in such a way that they resemble the basic build of the statue even though the variations of styles can be seen depending upon the region of origin of the Buddha statues.

Moreover, the Buddha galleries all over the world claim to have the largest collection of Buddha statues and Buddhist arts but only few of them actually have the collection of rare Buddha statues which are found these days. These galleries keep Buddha statues for sale which are not as diverse as they claim the statues to be. Collecting Buddha statues for the Buddha gallery is not an easy task and few of them actually do thorough research to search for the rare artifacts they claim to have. Due to the boom of Buddhism in the western world in the recent years, there have been plenty of Buddha gallerie which have many Buddha statues for sale. These Buddha statues, though different have similar characteristics as most of the Buddha statues in the world which are in existence have. So which Buddha gallery actually the largest collection of Buddha statues and buddhist artifacts in the world? The answer is the gallery of Buddha statues for sale.

Buddha statues for sale in our Buddha gallery

Buddha statues for sale is proud to present the biggest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues which are directly imported from Burma and other Southeast Asian nations which have Buddhism as their prominent religion. We travel to these nations every few months in a year to research and look for the most special and rare Buddha statues which have not been seen anywhere before. Due to our frequent visits to these regions, our representatives have been successful to form a wonderful relationship with many antique Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist temples and personal collectors from Burma who want to part with their special Buddha statues. These temples and monasteries have revered these Buddhist statuesas they have been using these antique artifacts to pay respect to the awakened one, the historical Buddha as idol worshipping is not practiced in Buddhism. By directly importing these special statues into our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands, it has been possible for us to keep these special statues for sale on a reasonable price for you.

We not only have the collection of the Shakyamuni Buddha statues, but also a big collection of other Buddhist artifacts like miniature Buddhist shrines, prayer wheels, laughing Buddhas, Burmese nats and Guan yin statues to name a few. Meanwhile, we would like our valued customers to know that the Buddha statues we sell from our Buddha gallery are completely authentic as we do not have any policy of dealing with stolen statues. We believe that the theft of such historic artifacts undermine the religious as well as historic importance of Buddha statues. Therefore, if you are looking for a Buddha statue for you or your loved ones, you are more than welcome to visit our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online Buddha statues gallery.

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