Antique Buddha statues for sale

antique buddha statues for sale

The birth and death of Buddha is still uncertain, most historians in 20th the existence of Buddha between the periods of 563 BCE to 483 BCE. There was no such evidence before 550 BCE which could prove the life of Buddha. Later the discovery of Buddhist shrine in Maya Devi temple at Lumbini, Nepal has pushed the birth date of Buddha to be 480 t0 400 BCE. However, archeologist still thought that those shrines might be the symbol of people worshipping Buddha. For the commemoration of Buddha, craftsman started making variety of Buddha statues. These big, laughing, meditating Buddha statues when kept at home, monasteries and temples would possibly retain the same positive feelings in us which Buddha had. Hence, the Buddha statues are mostly admired for home and garden decoration. The large Buddha statues suits best for your outdoor or garden spaces to practice meditation. Eventually, the regular practice of meditation inspires us to prosper inner happiness and satisfaction. Our store has the huge collection of such remarkable Buddha statues.

Buddha statues illustrate Buddharupas which represents the teachings of the Buddha. The path of enlightenment to attain Nirvana is the quite essential ambition of Buddhism. Buddha statue symbolize the sacred learning, which is emblem in nearly all portion of the statue. It reminds us of the eternal truths of our life. The teachings of Buddha are still immortal and for the preservation of such a deity, artisans have been crafting adorable Buddha statues. The antique Buddha’s are the great piece of art that mostly admired for home and garden decoration signifying peace and tranquility. It is not mandatory for the owner of Buddha statue to be a devotee of Buddhism. The statues actually boost up our mind and soul lending our home and inner self the feeling of holiness and harmony. Acquiring Buddha statue will help you to gain internal peace. Many people are interested to keep variety of Buddha Mudras statues because they stand as a symbol of truth and the path towards enlightenment. These statues can be used to maintain calm and peace in your entire house. Saving a small Buddha statue in your room, pocket and house can affect your mood. It will possibly change your harsh time into a pleasure time because the vibes associated with Buddha are pure. So, where can you find suchantique Buddha statues?

Antique Buddha Statues in our Gallery

Here at Antique Buddha Statues in Netherland you can find the large collection of Buddha statues like wooden Buddha, Bronze Buddha, Laughing Buddha, large Buddha heads and variety of Buddha’s Mudras antique pieces. The masterpieces in our gallery will obviously entice you to collect or decorate your home with a touch of Southeast Asian class. We are particularly able to understand the desire of customer interior designing and fulfill their wish exactly. Last but not the least, we can guarantee you the originality of Buddha statues in our gallery. They are very authentic, especially brought up from Asian countries. Our trained professional semi-annually visit countries which shows high respect towards Buddhism and order statues from there. If you are looking for such antique Buddha, please visit our online gallery and buy at your own choice.

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