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Laughing Buddha Statues For Sale

Laughing Buddha Statues For Sale

The sublime Buddha named Hotei or Pu-Tai which is also best known as Happy or Laughing Buddha. Jolly Buddha is said to be originated from China symbolizing friendly or affection to closed ones. He is based on the Chinese capricious behavior of Chan/Zen monk who lived over more than 1000 years ago subjected to become the part of Buddhist and Shinto culture. Due to his well wishing traits he became the personification for the emersion of bodhisattva who will be Maitreya i.e. The Future Buddha). The monk protuberant belly and the smiling jolly face have given the Laughing Buddha a real portray. The statue of Laughing Buddha are usually kept in restaurants, home garden, room, cars, restaurants as a goddess and to revered tranquil happiness wherever you are.

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Hotei statues are the symbolic representation for the abundant satisfaction and fortunate in life. And it contributes peoples to proceed towards the path of peace and pleasure. He is also the patron of weak, poor and children. Laughing Buddha statues depicts the corpulent smiling bald man in loose outer garment with largely uncovered pot belly stomach, which epitomizes the happiness, prosperity and completeness. The successfully sold another item is a laughing Buddha statue with a begging bowl in his hand which adheres the Buddhist nature. Some statues also have the children surrounded in his feet. In some scenarios, sitting Laughing Buddha statue can be found in a cart being pulled by boys in order to grant their wishes. All of these Pu-Tai images exhibit a meandering monk who goes around blessing people with happiness and taking away all their pain and sorrows. There is a myth that if someone rubs the belly of Laughing Buddha then he will be filled with graciousness of monk by wealth, fortune and success. Hotei image is found to be very influencing for the restaurant and bar owners because when one overeats or drinks, then friends kiddingly regard him to Laughing Buddha affect. There are various postures of Happy Buddha demonstrating diverse meaning in life. Few to mention is; Sack Buddha (travelling Buddha), wearing Beads or mala (meditating Buddha) and Hotei with ball represent the Buddha with a ball of wealth.

Laughing Buddha Statues in our Gallery

Our Buddha gallery in Netherland holds the variety of Laughing Buddha statues which includes safe travels Buddha, long life Buddha, spiritual journey Buddha, happy home Buddha, love Buddha, earth Buddha and reclining Buddha. We collect these Buddha statues from various parts of the Southeast Asian countries, especially from the monasteries and temples having historical importance. Apart from these, our experts also collect from the Buddhists artisans who are devoted towards Buddhism. For customers simplicity Antique Buddha Statues has kept all of the collection of Laughing Buddha Statues and other postures statues in our online gallery. If you want to have a real authentic Laughing Buddha at home, then please visit our website and buy at your own choice. Laughing Buddha will obviously bless your home with happiness, prosperity and peace which will ultimately create a mutual understanding among family members.

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Antique pottery Happy Buddha statue

300 euro

Large lavastone Happy Buddha statue

3,500 euro
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