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Buddhism is being followed by 550 million people all over the world, is based on the morality and teachings of the great awakened person Gautama Buddha. He perceived enlightenment through constant meditation and realization of the basic truths of life. Buddha then spread his teachings he learned so that others will step forward for happiness and peace rather than swinging their life in sufferings. Buddha never claimed himself to be a god; instead people are so much blessed by the lessons of Buddha that they revered Buddha as image of god. Buddha originally received enlightenment in India at Bodh Gaya. Later, the King Ashoka get influenced by him and spread Buddhism in other countries like Burma, China, Thailand, Japan, Tibet, Vietnam through his traders. People then divided Buddhism in two categories, ordained monks and Lay Buddhists. Where ordained monks refers to those who dedicatedly learn, practice and understands the teachings of Buddha and then help others to understand his teachings. On the other hand, lay Buddhists work and support their family and take care of all the responsibilities of life by applying the teachings of Buddha.

Buddha Statues in our Buddha Shop

Antique Buddha statues hold the large collection of exclusively crafted Buddha statues from all over the world handcrafted by expert craftsmen working from generation to generation. Our online gallery includes contemporary statues brought up from monasteries and temples of Burma which are very authentic also carrying high values for Buddhist followers. Having Buddha statues at home gives you a great pleasure and a feeling peace. These Buddha statues can kept outdoor where you can practice meditation for your inner peace. Our Buddha shop offers a wide range of adorable statues which can fit for you and can also be given as a gift for your beloved ones. We have our Buddha gallery situated here in Netherland. For customer’s simplicity, we have our online store where you can choose any posture of Buddha statues ranging from large to small Buddha. if you want to buy Buddha statues, feel free to visit our gallery and order us.

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