Small Buddha Statues

Small Buddha Statues

Buddha also known as Siddhartha Gautama, the son of a king was sage person on whose teachings Buddhism exists. Buddhism is not only the religion; it is beyond the thoughts of three hundred millions of followers. Actually, it is the way of living which can lead us to a moral life, make us aware about our thoughts and actions, develops wisdom and understanding among human beings. The purpose of Buddha was to make the mankind free from sufferings. And it was only possible when we have control over our thinking. Apparently, Buddhism explains the true happiness is only possible when there is equality and same justice for all the creatures. These realities of life can be perceived when one is nearer to the Buddha i.e. depicting oneself as being in the direction of Buddha. Though he can’t be close to all of us at once, however we can portray him in an image and apprehend his wisdom lessons. Rather than calling Buddha as a god, he can be praised as a Guru who taught the path of enlightenment through his experiences. Buddhists pay honor to Buddha Images not for the purpose of worshipping neither for asking a favor. Most of the people keep Abhaya Mudra (one hand resting in lap and another giving blessings) Buddha Statue at home in order to compassionate themselves to strive towards the peace and develop love within ourselves.

The compassionate smile in Buddha Statues reminds us of a life of no worries and fear of any entity. Buddha teaches us about the four noble truths of our life and understanding the Self, Karma, Rebirth and Enlightenment. So, Buddha cannot be considered as a being but as the discerning of the spiritual practices of enlightenment. Therefore, placing a small Buddha statue at your favorite location can bestow you with the positive feelings, purify your negative feelings, keeps you focused on your goals without any distractions, enable you to live a peaceful life and shortening our thoughts towards the void. When we have such a consecrate small Buddha statue with you then it will continuously provoke you in the direction of explicit thoughts and happiness. The Smiling Buddha/ laughing Buddha/ Happy Buddha will bring happiness, prosperity, luck, wealth and contentment. Where to Buy Buddha Statues? Are they convenient? Yes of course, visit our online gallery and buy any statues of your own choice.

Small Buddha Statues in Gallery

The small Buddha statues are very portable and can be kept anywhere you like. That could be in your study table, car, pocket, room and can be gifted as souvenirs to your friends. Our statues range from different sizes to poses such as Thai Buddha, Chinese Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Large Buddha and Wooden Sculptures. The Buddha statues you buy from us are very original, has a class and history carrying along. We have been collecting Buddha statues from all around the world, especially from those Southeast Asian countries where they have high values for Buddha and Buddhism. We, Antique Buddha Statues are pleased to have a huge gallery of the sacred human being Buddha. If you want to purchase or buy antique Buddhas, our online gallery holds the various forms of statues where you can buy at your own choice.

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